A “seductive contract” from Paris Saint-Germain to Messi … Will it move?


French club Paris Saint-Germain is still striving to convince Lionel Messi, the Barcelona player, to join him next summer.

Paris Saint-Germain does not hide the display of its great financial strength, and work diligently to lure “the flea”, especially since his contract with the Catalan club expires on June 30th.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” quoted media sources as saying that Paris Saint-Germain had already made an offer to include Messi for two seasons, with a salary “that none of the Spanish League clubs could afford,” but did not mention the exact amount.

The management of the French club believes that the ambitions of the team are in line with the desire of Messi (33 years) to win the Champions League again at least before his retirement, supported by Paris Saint-Germain’s successful march to the semi-finals so far, this season, after reaching the final of last season.

Paris Saint-Germain’s interest in Messi is not new, as the club has been chasing after the player for years, taking advantage of the financial boom he witnessed over the past years.

The Barcelona captain has not yet revealed his plans with his club, especially since his contract expires in just two months.

Many believe that Barcelona winning the King’s Cup, and its chances of winning the domestic league title, could be enough to persuade Messi to extend his contract.


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