A scene in a Ramadan series that raises a scientific question about a bee sting – Miscellaneous


A scene in the series “Newton’s Game”, which is shown in the current Ramadan season, raised a strange scientific question about bees.

And it appeared in the scene, in which the Egyptian artist Mohamed Mamdouh performed the character “Hazem”, the hero using the bee as a way to get rid of his enemy by stinging.

Yesterday’s episode of the series caused a sensation on social media platforms due to the conviction of many that bee stings do not cause death.

Reactions to this matter varied. While one team went wrong with the art work, others defended the makers of the series, stressing that bee stings may lead to death if there is an allergy.

Badri Eman, a pharmacist, explained that bee stings can kill if a person suffers from an allergy to bee venom and is not treated, noting that she knows people who have lost their lives as a result of a bee sting..

Badri said, according to the “Fi El Fan” news site, that the types of allergies are of three degrees, the first causes slight swelling, and the second causes large swelling, and both do not cause death, warning of the danger of the third type, which causes sensitivity throughout the body and swelling in Lips.

She added that a person may have difficulty breathing, a drop in blood pressure and a loss of consciousness due to this type of sensitivity, pointing to the need to give the patient an injection of adrenaline, which is his savior.



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