A role … and an actor … Yusra is fighting a “civil war” in 2021 – Ramadan – Ramadan and the people


A unique dramatic experience that the star “Yousra” is going through in her new series “Civil War”, in which the story of “Maryam”, the fiftieth plastic doctor, who is considered one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons, and her young child, Omar, from her ex-husband, Aziz, who separated from her 15 years ago, trying to elude her in order to deprive her of her only child, by convincing him that the reason behind his separation from the mother was nothing but her betrayal of him and her tampering with his feelings. On the other hand, the heroine “Mary” enters into a state of sadness, and rushes to the love of “Noor”, whose relationship with her is strengthened and turns into her financial and health care after suffering an incurable disease.

On the other hand, Maryam resorts to “Yusef” a psychologist who approaches her to become more than just a doctor, which changes the paths of her life and pushes her and her son into a series of events and surprises that plague her days and upset the balance of power in her story, which was formulated dramatically by Ahmed Adel Sultan and directed Sameh Abdel Aziz, who is the same technical team who is still continuing his career with Yousra this year, after the experience of the series “Betrayal of Ahed” last year.

Arab participation

Despite the delay in filming the series more than once due to the infection of Yusra, along with work producer Jamal Al Adl, with the new Corona virus, and stopping filming for more than 15 days, before Haifa Wehbe’s apology for participating in the series was announced afterwards, and then the crisis of his industry with Actress “Sarah Al-Tunisi”, who ended up replacing her with Arwa Joudeh, the team managed to deliver the first ten episodes of the series before the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, to enter this year’s competitions strongly.

As for Yusra, in it, she appears as a strong personality woman, fighting to save what can be saved from her life, and benefiting as usual from her television successes in the “betrayal of Ahd” last year, to return this year with the same producing company, but with a new Arab participation from the Syrian and Lebanese actor Basil Khayat. Cynthia Khalifa »with whom they share the events of the work, along with a group of Egyptian drama stars such as Arwa Judeh, Tamer Hagras, Jamila Awad and others.

A smart investment

“Yousra”, who starred in many previous Ramadan dramas, continues to invest the successes of the past in works such as “Critical Moments”, “A Public Opinion Issue”, “In Safe Hands”, “Very Special”, “With Red Wax”, Through which she was able to “color” her performance and continuously diversify her expressive tools in order to devote human and female models inspired by the heart of reality. We have seen her many times strong and resolute, and many times less broken and unable to face adversity in works such as “above the suspicions”, “the account brings together” “We have other sayings”, “Betrayal of Ahed”, and other works through which Yusra dedicated her brilliant and steady presence in the Ramadan Drama Marathon.

• Yousra devoted her brilliant presence in the Ramadan Drama Marathon.

• A strong personal woman fighting to save what can be saved from her life.

• “Yousra” shone and imposed its presence in Ramadan dramas.




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