A rare irony in the Champions League … the Real Madrid star faces his cousin in Chelsea


The upcoming match between Real Madrid and Chelsea in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League Soccer, witnesses a rare confrontation between players, relatives.Real Madrid left back Ferland Mendy will face his cousin, Chelsea goalkeeper Edward Mendy.

The couple enjoys a good relationship, and they are both born in France to a Senegalese family, but Ferland chose to represent France, while Edward preferred to defend the den of the Senegal national team.The Chelsea goalkeeper is the eldest, at the age of 29, while the left back of Real Madrid is 25 years old, and both of them struggled to shine to reach the biggest clubs in the world, but Edward’s struggle was the most prominent, after he stopped playing for a long time, he joined Marseille in 2015, After a probationary period, he joined the club’s second team, after which he moved to Rance Stadium, and from there to Rennes, who starred with him before joining during the last summer transfer window for Chelsea.

The match between Real Madrid and its guest Chelsea, in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final round, will be held on April 28th, with the English team hosting the Spanish club in the second leg on May 4.

Source: Russia Today


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