A practical application that turns old Samsung phones into smart home devices!


Samsung has announced a new application that enables owners of its old phones to use phones as useful smart devices inside the home, instead of abandoning them if they have newer models.

Samsung indicated that the Galaxy Upcycling at Home application, from which a trial version has been launched, will enable owners of old Galaxy phones to use their devices as tools to listen to what is going on around their homes, as the application can record the voice of a young child if he is away from his family in a second room, or identify To sound the pets if the owner is not at home, and after documenting these sounds he sends them to the user’s mobile phone in the form of voice messages.

Thanks to the application, it is also possible to convert the phone into a light sensor in the smart home, when the lighting rates are low, the phone sends a signal to the smart home system to turn on the electric lighting.

This application is available in a trial version for users in a specific number of countries, including the United States, Britain, and South Korea, who own Samsung Galaxy S, Note, and Z line phones, running Android 9 and the latest Android systems.

Source: Russia Today


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