A partnership between “Trading” and the Chinese “JD.com” – the economist – the UAE economy


TRADING announced; The fast-growing online marketplace focused on business-to-business in the Middle East and North Africa region, concluding a strategic partnership with the Chinese e-commerce giant, JD.com, listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

The cooperation between the two sides provides an opportunity for companies in the Middle East and North Africa region to access the fast-growing Chinese e-commerce market, to develop an environment for trade exchange, enter new markets and diversify goods. JD.com is the largest e-commerce company and the largest retail platform in China, and the largest company operating on the Internet by revenue.

JD.com provides all goods from fresh food and clothing, to electronic devices and cosmetics, and its network provides standard services for same-day and next-day deliveries, covering more than a billion people.


Under the strategic partnership between the two sides, Traderling will include the brands and products from JD.com within its wholesale platform, in addition to giving dealers from the Middle East and North Africa region access to high-profile Chinese brands.

The two parties in the partnership will seek the opportunities provided by Tradeling to integrate and use the logistics and warehousing capabilities provided by JD.com to provide fast delivery experiences, and take advantage of its distinct logistical capabilities.

Added Value

Dr. Mohamed Al-Zarouni, Director General of the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) said: TRADING is the future of e-commerce between companies in the region, which is represented by cross-border and non-contact trade, and is committed to providing added value to companies in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing an exceptional purchasing experience. Various ordering offers.

China is a very important global market, with which we have long-term business partnerships. The partnership with JD.com will provide an opportunity for the growth of companies in the region and access to supply chains and global trade through manufacturers in China, which will contribute to enhancing the purchasing power of buyers in the region.

Marius Siavola, CEO of Traderling said: Our ultimate goal is to provide seamless business operations at the most competitive prices, and this partnership contributes to achieving this goal by giving corporate buyers in the region the ability to provide a better customer experience.

Marco Mao, Vice President of JD.com, and General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and America at JD Worldwide, said: We will work through partnership to provide a wide range of distinguished products to customers in the Middle East and Africa, relying on JD’s supply chain services. Dot com global, to meet the procurement needs of companies in the region.

free delivery

Tradeling will provide free delivery services for any goods purchased from “JD.com” through the platform “Trading”, and for a limited period, in order to support trade exchange activities. Also, Tradeling and JD.com will explore ways to encourage entrepreneurs and support small businesses. In the region.



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