A “new virus” threatening the world .. Its symptoms are paralysis, delirium and convulsions


Health authorities in South Australia stated that the new virus causes a human disease that resembles a “disease.” rabiesIt may cause death after symptoms appear, including convulsions, paralysis, and delirium.

Dr. Louise Flood, of the Infectious Diseases Control Branch of the Ministry of Health and Welfare at: Australia, It has been confirmed that two cases of “Australian bat virus”, according to what was reported by “The Sun” British newspaper, Friday.

The virus is transmitted from bats to humans when it enters Bat saliva Infected people enter the body, usually through a bite or scratch, but also through saliva entering the eyes, nose, or mouth.

The horrific disease causes serious illness in humans, leading to paralysis, delirium, convulsions and death. Queensland Government in Australia.

“The disease is similar to rabies, and it can be transmitted to humans if they are bitten or scratched by an infected bats, and if treatment is delayed until after symptoms appear, the condition is always fatal,” said Dr. Flood.

“While only one percent of Bats Carrying this deadly virus, the two discovered cases raised concern about the necessity of avoiding bats and dealing with them by trainers and specialists.

Only three cases have been recorded as a result of infection with this virus since the disease was first discovered in 1996, and all of them resulted in the death of the patient.

Last year, there were 9 cases of humans exposed to bats that required treatment.

Dr Mary Carr, from the Division of Primary Health Industries, called on pet owners to keep their animals away from bats.

She said, “If you suspect your animal has been bitten or scratched before.” BatsPlease contact your local veterinarian or emergency animal disease hotline. “


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