A new US study links eating disorders with the isolation of Corona


One of the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic is the increase in the incidence of eating disorders among people, as many people complained of weight gain during the ongoing Corona pandemic, while others suffer from weight loss, and it seems that the epidemic has brought many health effects, some of which are related to weight and fitness levels, But how does the virus affect your weight?

A new study was examined by the University of Minnesota College of Medicine in America and the School of Public Health, according to a report published on site thehealthsite In the ongoing effects of the current health crisis and found that it can lead to: Serious eating disorders.

Our bad eating habits
Our bad eating habits

In the past year, everyone witnessed the rapid implementation of public health policies to reduce the transmission of the virus, and of course these are necessary to stop the transmission of the virus, but on the other hand, these policies also lead to disruptions in daily life.

The International Journal of Eating Disorders published this study, in which researchers said this could negatively affect your eating habits and increase the risk of developing eating disorders and symptoms.

Eating disorders kill 1 person every 52 minutes

In this study, the researchers found associations between the epidemic and six unhealthy eating behaviors, and according to them, the most worrying finding is a slight increase or resurgence of eating disorders that kill nearly 10,200 people every year, and that comes to about one person every 52 minutes.

Eating disorders kill many people every year, and according to researchers it is important to try to link the consequences of the epidemic to the disordered eating behaviors.

Corona and eating disorders

After a comprehensive analysis and study, researchers found 5 main topics for changing people’s eating behavior during a pandemic:

Fast eating and snacks.

General decrease in appetite or food intake.

Increase food intake.

The reappearance or significant increase in the symptoms of an eating disorder.

The researchers say moderate or severe financial difficulties may be related to disordered eating behaviors, to reduce the risk of death in this group of people, stressing the fact that it is essential that preventive eating disorder interventions and treatment efforts be affordable, easily accessible and widely publicized for people. At increased risk.


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