A new initiative by Myriam Fares and her son Jayden to celebrate Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day, the Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, celebrated the occasion with her son Jayden in her own way. Fares celebrated Earth Day by taking the initiative to go out and take a walk in nature, and took her son, Jayden.

Miriam created a new game, so she gave her son a bag and asked him to collect the trash and told him that the one who collects more wins. Jayden liked the idea and collected a lot of waste and was the winner.

She posted her comment on her own page on the social networking site, and said, “In honor of Earth Day, we decided to walk the sweet nature, and play a game. Respecting nature is the sweetest lesson, we teach it to our child, so that we can all live in a clean and healthy atmosphere.


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