A new chapter in “nuclear terrorism”


A new chapter of Israeli aggression towards Iran, which was closed with the announcement of the “attack” that the Natanz facility for uranium enrichment in central Iran was subjected to yesterday, in parallel with statements issued by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he said, “The status quo today is not Means that this is how the situation will be tomorrow ».The “sabotage act” announced by Tehran in the morning, came in the form of a “blackout” at the Natanz station, according to the “Iranian Atomic Energy Organization”. “Sabotage” Not soon after, Tehran described it as “nuclear terrorism”, with hostile parties behind it. And this was actually suggested, in fact, earlier, by the Israeli media that talked about the responsibility of the “Mossad” for the “attack” that targeted the Iranian nuclear facility, Natanz, to be confirmed by Israeli intelligence sources. Launch a cyberattack on the site ». The Israeli Radio, in turn, quoted intelligence sources as saying that “the damage to the Natanz facility, and to the centrifuges, is significant,” and that “the attack will undermine Iran’s capabilities to enrich uranium.” The Hebrew site, Serojim, had suggested that the attack was “electronic,” suggesting that the Israeli side would be responsible for it. The site claimed that the results of the operation were more dangerous than what was announced by the Iranian authorities, noting that Israeli analysts estimated that it led to the closure of entire sections of the facility. Other Israeli websites, including “Walla” and “Channel 13”, confirmed, according to “Western sources,” that “the Mossad is behind the targeting of the Iranian reactor,” while Amichai Stein, a journalist on the “Israeli Public Radio”, wrote in a tweet on the website Twitter: “We believe that the defect in Natanz’s electrical circuit is the result of an Israeli electronic operation.”
The Israeli leaks, which took almost one form, came before the head of the Iranian nuclear program (the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency), Ali Akbar Salehi, declared that what struck the Natanz facility was “nuclear terrorism.” In a report published on the state-run Iranian TV website, Salehi considered that “the measure that was taken against the enrichment center in Natanz shows the failure of opponents of the industrial and political progress in the country to prevent the great development of the nuclear industry,” without mentioning the identity of the supposed perpetrators. He said that his country “while condemning this despicable step, stresses the need for the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency to deal with this nuclear terrorism, and reserves the right to take measures against the perpetrators and managers.” He stressed that “to thwart the goals of the perpetrators of this terrorist movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to seriously expand nuclear technology on the one hand, and work to lift unfair sanctions on the other hand.”

Salehi: Iran will continue to expand seriously in nuclear technology and work to lift sanctions

The accident – which was first reported by the official Fars news agency, quoting the spokesman for the “Atomic Energy Organization” – occurred the day after Iran operated a number of new centrifuges in the “Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Complex” in Natanz, one of the main centers of the country’s nuclear program. President Hassan Rouhani had inaugurated, in a virtual ceremony, a factory to assemble centrifuges there, and had also issued an operating or test order for three new batches of them. The new equipment provides Iran with the possibility of enriching uranium faster and in larger quantities, with a volume and degree of refining prohibited under the agreement concluded in 2015 in Vienna between the Islamic Republic and the “5 + 1” group. In the context, the spokesperson, Behrouz Kamalondi, confirmed, in a telephone interview with state television, that “the martyr Ahmadi Roshan complex had an accident at dawn on Sunday in a part of the electrical circuit of the enrichment plant.” He explained that «there is an interruption in the electrical current, but we do not know the reason». “Fortunately, this did not result in deaths, injuries or contamination,” he added. There are no specific problems and the accident is being investigated. ”
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed, during a ceremony for heads of the security services, that “combating Iran and its followers and combating its nuclear program and armament is a huge task.” His statements came at a time when his Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, reiterated his statement that “Iran represents a strategic threat to the world and Israel.” According to what was reported by the “Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation”, it is decided that the Israeli small cabinet for political and security affairs will hold a session next week to discuss the Iranian issue.

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