A new app from Samsung turns an iPhone into a Galaxy-like device


Washington – Arabs today
Samsung announced the launch of a new application that will provide iPhone users with a unique experience to test the mechanism of operation of their Android phones, and through the aforementioned iTest application, the iPhone user will be able to obtain a virtual operating interface similar to the iTest interfaces found in Samsung smartphones, without the need to give up an operating system His primary phone.

Through the aforementioned interface, the owner of the phone will be able to know the mechanism of work of Android systems, to explore the Samsung Galaxy application store, and to get acquainted with the Samsung Camera application with all its features that Samsung phone cameras have after obtaining this application. Also, iPhone phone owners will receive notifications showing them. Exciting and practical things in the mechanisms of the Samsung phone interfaces, and the application will also provide an opportunity to learn about the applications associated with the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch watches. To obtain the application, you can go to www.itest.nz, and direct the phone’s camera to the electronic code box shown on the screen, which will direct the phone to Direct download source.

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