A NASA Helicopter Flies Over Mars in Simulation of Humans First Flight |


NASA attached its historic announcement to a short video clip of the journey taken by the “Perseverance” rover, which had arrived on board “Ingenuity” to the Red Planet before separating from it.

The clip shows the spacecraft flying at a height of three meters before landing on Mars. The helicopter itself sent a black and white image showing its shadow over the Red Planet.

After it was scheduled for April 11, the flight was postponed due to a technical problem that appeared during tests on its propellers.

Taking off in the Martian atmosphere is a challenge, as its density does not exceed one percent of the density of the Earth’s atmosphere, knowing that the air force by the rotation of the raft’s propellers is what enables it to fly.

This means that the Ingenuity fans must spin much faster than those on a regular helicopter to be able to fly. “There are fewer propellant particles” on Mars, Mimi Aung explained before the flyby.

Although the gravity is lower than that on Earth, NASA’s technical teams had to develop a super-lightweight vehicle (1.8 kilograms) with propellers that rotate at a speed much higher than those of regular helicopters, to succeed in the mission.

The helicopter consists of four legs, a chassis and two propellers superimposed. It measures 1.2 meters long from one end of the blade to the other, and is more like a huge march.

To ensure that “no risk” is taken on this first flight, according to Tim Canham, special operations officer for this helicopter, the vehicle rose vertically to a height of three meters. Then it hovered in place before landing again.


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