“A livelihood is difficult” .. A dance link by Fayez Al-Maliki and Aseel Omran causing a sensation!


The Saudi artist, Fayez Al-Maliki, sparked a controversy among the activists of social networking sites because of a bold dance link with his fellow artist Aseel Omran.

Dance link on “Sugar Daddy”

Fayez Al-Maliki appears in a scene from the series “No Curfew”, performing a dance link with Aseel Omran on the song “Sugar Daddy”.

Fayez al-Maliki was subjected to a wave of criticism by activists who saw that he insulted himself with this vulgarity, and that he contradicts with his dance the charitable works for which he is famous, so he came in the comments: “What I did not receive from Aseel, nor her cold acting, nor the scene of the kranj, nor Fayez who shocked you with the role.”

And another circulated in his comment about the Saudi actors, and wrote: “This Ramadan most of the sheikhs of Saudi art have proven their fitness in shaking the lower mass.”

Tweeters denounce

And she wrote a tweet: “I seek forgiveness from God, and he was just before me, who donated homes to the needy, so he can.”

Another agreed with her and wrote: “I ask forgiveness from God. This is a good doer.”

Another commented on the role of the Saudi actor Nasser Al-Qasabi in the same series, and wrote: “Fayez Al-Maliki and Nasser Al-Qasabi is a salvation that has already ended their time in which someone is following the things now.”

While another hinted that Fayez al-Maliki was forced to present vulgarity for the sake of money, he wrote: “A living is difficult.”

Another mocked Fayez al-Maliki’s contradiction, and wrote: “Fayez, honestly, you are the only person who is sitting and I see him working on the world and the hereafter.”

Another described the scene as “cheap” and wrote: “Does this mean Open Mind? May God grant the licenses, but praise be to God, who has cured us from what He afflicted them.

Another wrote: “This is what is supposed to be presented as entertainment and culture, especially in Ramadan.”

Suggestive scene explodes anger

And the sixth episode of the series had previously sparked controversy because of one of the shots that the audience considered to be a negative suggestion.
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In the episode, Nasser Al-Qasabi embodies the role of an elderly Saudi sheikh who knows that he has been infected with the Coronavirus, and he believes that he will die and decides to commit to good deeds.
Nasir al-Qasabi’s neighbor advises him to repent, and after executing three commandments, he left in the fourth, and decided not to complete that because his condition had turned into a fortified one.
Nasser Al-Kasabi appears in the scene while dancing inside his home to the tones of the song “Ya Naqada”, after his health in the “Tawakalna” app turned into a fortified man, after he was threatened with death.
In the scene, the new young wife of Nasser Al-Qasabi appears standing at the door of the bedroom, while he is pointing at her with his stick in order to enter, which the tweeters considered a suggestion that provoked their anger.

Nasser Al-Qasabi .. They landed their father in Al-Frazair!

The artist Nasser Al-Qasabi also raised a previous controversy because of a scene in the second episode of the series, and he appears in the scene with the artist Ali Al-Hamidi and Fatima Al-Hosani, carrying the body of their father, taking it to the kitchen, and placing it. On a sofa in preparation for placing it inside the freezer.
After the three protagonists of the series emptied the contents of the freezer in order to be able to put their father’s body in it, their attempt failed due to the size of the small freezer that did not accommodate the whole body.

And the scene sparked a state of controversy on the “social media” as it was considered that it underestimated the majestic position of death as it reduces the respect of parents.
A member of the Saudi Shura Council, Kawthar Al-Arbash, denounced the scene and considered it unacceptable and inconsistent with every human and moral principle. It also indicated that it is not suitable for children and it is not permissible to use dead people as a substance for laughter, and it is also not permissible to deal with parents with this light.

No tour is a Saudi series

The Saudi series “No Roaming” revolves around a social comedy about what the world is experiencing. Now from the repercussions of the Corona virus. And the changes he imposed on societies in a cynical manner.
“No roaming” is shown directly after breakfast on mbc, as well as on Shahid.net, and starring Nasser Al-Qasabi. With the participation of a group of comedy stars in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.
They are: Fayez Al-Maliki, Abdul Ilah Al-Senani, Habib Al-Habib, Rashid Al-Shamrani, Ilham Ali, Aseel Omran, Fatima Al Hosani. Majid singer Fawaz.
In addition to these, Bashir Al-Ghunaim, Abdul Majeed Al-Rahidi, Ali Al-Hamidi, Khaled Al-Farraj, and Abdullah Al-Muzaini. Ali Al Shehabi. Rimas Mansour, and Heba Al Hussein.
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