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A lip-reading specialist studies DiCapi's accusations of racism

date of publication:
April 08, 2021 17:01 GMT

Update date: 08 Apr 2021 19:20 GMT

A report on the incident is expected later today or Friday.

Source: Reuters

Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Football League, revealed that the league had appointed a specialist in lip reading; To investigate allegations of racist abuse against Valencia defender Mokhtar Diakaby.

Diakabe said that Cadiz defender Juan Cala had racially abused him during the Andalusian side’s 2-1 victory last Sunday, which caused the match to be suspended for 25 minutes. The French defender was replaced during injury time.

The Spaniard, Kalla, denied any racist abuse was directed at Diakapi, and said that he had been involved in a “media circus” and “public murder” without investigation.

The Tribuna Deportiva radio station posted an audio recording of the match on Twitter and said the racist abuse could be heard.

Diakabe replied in a tweet to the league: “Not declaring anything that means complicity.”


However, Tebas said the audio was taken out of context, and the association is working to pinpoint exactly what was said through technology and a lip-reading specialist.

A report on the incident is expected later today or Friday.

Tebas added: “There will be more news today or tomorrow. The audio recording related to the incident within a minute and a half after that, and it came with a South American accent, so it cannot be called. We worked hard to determine the owner of the voice. Someone seems to tell a group of players or the referee what they think was said, but the scoring is not for Kala.

He continued: “We asked to filter the audio recording of the match so that we can know what was actually said. A lip-reading specialist was appointed as well. Sure, he says something, but we’ll see exactly what he said. We will issue a report and it will be completely clear. ”


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