A “fictional planet” stubbornly


At a time when mysticism and esotericism were on the rise; Films about secularism have taken on a new dimension that is surreal as much as it is realistic: aliens with superior technological intelligence but without morals … worlds and planets or the universe itself becomes corrupt, the ruling classes maintain power through intimidation and ignorance … “an imaginary planet. »(1973) by René Lallou, the Frenchman, is the largest and most important example of astonishing mystical films, which must be analyzed slowly and deliberately because of their cognitive daring.

The film tells the story of “omes”, which are human-like creatures that were kept as pets by a strange race of blue giants called “concentrates”.
We follow the story of “Ter”, an “Oms”, from childhood to adulthood. We see how he managed to escape from slavery and began to organize a revolution. However, a clash between the sexes will threaten both of them. Both will seek to exterminate the other in order to survive, but this will not be the solution. Despite the weirdness and surrealism we feel during the viewing; However, “an imaginary planet” has an easy-to-follow plot from various readings, and invites us to think about human behavior towards what is around them and the possible consequences that could result from that. The film is a reflection of the current and permanent conditions on this planet, and the need to find a balance between humans and other creatures, otherwise everyone will end up extinct.

An easy plot that is easy to follow from different readings

Although the story is relatively simple, and the clothes, cartoons and music are more baroque, this does not mean that the work is intellectually simple, as it contains arguments with different readings expressing more complex ideas than they seem at first glance. Therefore, “Fictional Planet” has characteristics typical of classic science fiction, in which even simple short stories can lead to countless interpretations. Although the film has existed for decades, and won the jury prize at the “Cannes Festival”; Except that it is atypical. Animation, music and the general approach are far from realistic displays of modern animation technology, but this does not make him age, but rather gives him an “antique” charm. It is natural that many will flee the film, but they will find it full of surprises that should not cease to be amazed, even if they are incomprehensible.
The wild planet

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