A famous director who worked with Adel Imam, he works as a driver because of his difficult circumstances – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Egyptian writer Mustafa Al-Kilani revealed, on his Facebook account, about financial hardship that forced director Amir Shaker to work on a car as a driver.

“Amir Shaker, the great artist and director who executed dozens of films, is one of the most successful and best directing assistants in Egypt. I met him at Traffic while renewing my car license two months ago. Amir Shaker works as an Uber captain to spend on his home and his dependents,” Kilani said.

He added, “At the beginning of the millennium, I saw with my eyes great stars nowadays who at that time wished a look of satisfaction from a prince, and that he would choose them to play a role.”

He continued: “And when they remained stars, and we wrote on social media about the conditions of Amir Shakir, and that he did not occupy him despite his chastity, there is no thought of him returning to work in his movie or series, I wish someone did not talk about cutting livelihoods, because the shattered people stayed at home because of some of them being confused and cutting off their livelihoods. “I want to see a prince returning to the plane scene in the movie Thieves in Thailand.”

It is noteworthy that Amir participated as an executive director for a number of famous dramas with major stars such as artist Adel Imam in the series “Nagy Atallah Band” as acting director, “My Soul King”, “Where is My Heart” and “Normal Dreams” with Yusra, and “I want to marry” with Hend Sabry, who is also the assistant director of the series “Wolves of the Mountain”.



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