“A Crossroads” … a local film that is internationally recognized


          It deals with a romantic comedy story dominated by Lebanese nature            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>The Lebanese film "At Crossroads" started its march with momentum after it won the Malmö Festival award in Sweden.  It marked a successful start for a local film that won the Marketing Award for films that are in the post-production stages, participating in the festival in the Arab film category.

The film was written by Josephine Habchi, directed by Lara Saba, and co-produced by “ART” and “Akanda Group”. It deals with a light romantic comedy story set in Lebanon, and the mountainous Wadi Qannoubine region was chosen for its filming.

Director Lara Saba said in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that this award “prompts us to make our way steadfast and confident. It contributes to providing many marketing services that cinematic films as a whole need. ”

Saba says that the story of the film takes her viewer to a quiet space, and provides him with a handful of oxygen, in light of a difficult period he is going through in the time of the epidemic. “I stuck in shooting the movie in a very beautiful, natural spot of Lebanon,” she added. The film’s narration, in addition to having a light background, brings us back to our roots and to our land. So we came out of the shell we suffered during the epidemic, and it reminds us of the importance of our country and its natural components. ”

A group of Lebanese artists participate in the acting, including Shady Haddad, Ruba Zaarour, Julia Kassar, Betty Toutel, Mirna Moukarzel, Centia Karam, Rifat Tarabay, Charbel Ziada, and others. The director commented in the context of her speech: “The team has made a great effort to implement the film to the fullest extent. And it was so harmonious that it formed with all its members, including technicians, photographers and representatives, a real Lebanese family. The budget allocated for the work was less than required, but we trusted the film, and its cinematic aesthetic and return to the roots, and we implemented it with love. ”

The majority of the film’s scenes were shot in Wadi Qannoubine, and it highlights the nature of the Lebanese village and the simplicity of its people. “We have lived in this region for about 20 consecutive days, and we were saturated with our traditions and our sweet customs.” And Lara Saba continues: “Everyone gave from his heart and without hesitation and gave a wonderful performance, so that the decorations depend on beautiful landscapes to complete the message of the film, so it is Lebanese with distinction.”

The director, who has a previous experience in the world of cinema entitled “The Story of Seconds”, confirms that the beauty of nature, along with a delicate acting sense, resulted in an integrated picture of a film in which we feel the abundance of feelings, within a text that did not rely on sermons and the abundance of speech.

Regarding the difficulty that I encountered in this experience, Saba explains: “Every work experience includes certain difficulties, and it lies in the process of giving birth to a story in cinematic images. We filmed the work during the period of the epidemic, but it was able to take us out of our world, and what is going on around us, and we fell into a big dream, which the viewer will touch. ”

The possibility of the participation of “A Crossroads” in international festivals that are featured, shortly after the completion of the montage. “The process of packing the film and montage is expected to be completed in June,” explains his director. We are dying to present it at international festivals, even though its comedic subject matter is usually unwanted. At the same time, we are excited about this experience, and we hope in return for success in the cinemas. ”

The hero of the work, actor Shady Haddad, describes to “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” the nature of his experience in this film and says: “It was a unique experience, which we enjoyed as a team work, especially since our hands were intertwined in order to implement it to the fullest.” About the nature of his role in the film, he says: “The role is light and romantic at the same time. I play the character (Hady Najm), who goes to a place far from the crowds of the city after facing a problem in his life. By coincidence, he meets a girl who suffers from the same problem, and a beautiful love story begins between them. Watch out for social messages and other messages about the Lebanon we love ».

Haddad has participated in many films, including “Bring You with Your Glory,” “A Story of Seconds,” “For Your Sake,” and others. And he won the Best Actor Award at the Carthage Film Festival for his role in the film “Insan Sharif”.

Haddad concluded to Asharq Al-Awsat: “We are very hopeful about this film and the resonance it can leave with the viewer. We also rely on him to highlight Lebanon, which we love far from what has been distorted by politics and economic crises. What you will see in the film tells about the real Lebanon engraved in the memory of the people. It will be an outlet and an energy of hope, especially since we filmed it shortly after the explosion of Beirut and we were feeling sad about our city. However, the positive atmosphere that accompanied him with a wonderful team in addition to the filming site all over the difficulties, and we found ourselves struggling with culture and arts to restore the bright face of our country.


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