“A citizen, an official, and a storyteller” … the director of “Egypt of Civilization” reveals the scenes of the work


Among the technical performances that were presented during this exceptional event, was the screening of the documentary.Egypt civilizationBefore the motorcade proceeded.

In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia,” the director reveals Tamer Ashry Behind the scenes of the technical journey in making this work, and future plans for it.

Ashry says that he was chosen to direct this film in early January, and the aim was to “produce a work that highlights the state’s efforts to develop various archaeological sites in recent years,” to be shown during an exceptional event that is watched by a large segment of the local and international audience.

The Egyptian director emphasized that “the biggest challenge was to highlight the development that took place in a large number of archaeological sites, within the fewest number of minutes.”

Choose characters

He adds, “In mid-February, the filming of the film began after selecting the characters who would appear during it, to tell about the archaeological sites that were restored and the museums scheduled to open during the coming period, in addition to the film’s main narrator, artist Khaled Al-Nabawi.”

The director explains that the characters were chosen through the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, saying: “We tried not to have the narration from officials only, but with the participation of others interested inEgyptian AntiquitiesFrom the university professor who explains to students the history of their country, to the ordinary citizen who feels proud of belonging to that ancient civilization, and to make it clear that there is a link between them that never breaks.

“Just as you find in the movie the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani, revealing the scenes of the Civilization Museum, so you find the citizen Antar Jaber telling his funny story with the Baron’s Palace,” Ashry added.

And about the last Khaled al-Nabawi, He says: “The presence of an able storyteller and a strong presence in front of the camera, like the Prophet, was a strong addition to the film, and he also cared about reading well about the places covered by the work, and contributed to creating a narrative space for other people who appeared with him.”

And he continues: “With every sentence that comes out of every person who appeared during the film, there was an idea (a cadre) formed inside our minds, because in the end cinema is the language of the image, so it was important to have scenes suitable for narration that the audience hears, so while his ear listens to this. The amount of information in front of him are scenes that express what he hears, and increase his understanding of the developments and the restorations that have taken place. “

Future plans

The director of “Egypt of Civilization” assures that there will most likely be a plan to develop the film, so that its time will be longer, and that there are many scenes that have not been used, so that the film is suitable for showing within the artistic paragraphs of the “Parade of Royal Mummies.”

Ashry continues, “We have scenes that we filmed, which can give the scenes more details about the archaeological sites that were covered by the film, and I hope that we will work to develop it as soon as possible.”

The Egyptian director also sent a message of thanks to all the members of the film crew, stressing that “each of them has his mark that contributed to the production of an artistic work that satisfies the audience and befits the value of the event.”

Ashry concludes his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, expressing his happiness to participate in a historical event such as “Procession of KingsAnd the audience’s positive reactions to the film.


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