A British study reveals: Constant hunger indicates a disease … Know the details


Feeling constantly hungry may indicate a decrease in blood sugar levels, and many other factors associated with appetite and calories, and during the following lines we review why some people feel constant hunger, according to what was published on the onlymyhealth site.

Do you know why you feel hungry all the time

Researchers from Kings College London conducted a study aimed at determining the reason behind the difficulty of losing weight despite following controlled diets with calories, as it was found that many people have difficulty losing or maintaining weight, and it can lead to a few hundred From extra calories every day to gaining several pounds of weight over the course of a year, it turns out that blood sugar levels are the main factor behind this because lowering it significantly increases your cravings and hunger.

Increased appetite
Increased appetite

Dr Sarah Perry, one of the study’s authors from Kings College London, said: “It has long been suspected that blood sugar levels play an important role in controlling hunger, but the results of previous studies have not been conclusive. It is a better indicator of hunger and subsequent caloric intake than the initial response to peak blood sugar after eating, which changes the way we think about the relationship between blood sugar levels and the food we eat. ”

How to stop feeling hungry?

check up Blood sugar levels Regularly can prevent binge eating, as people with low sugar tend to consume calories. If you feel very hungry, you must monitor your blood sugar levels to prevent weight gain due to unnecessary eating.

 Blood sugar levels
Blood sugar levels


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