A bird’s eye image from a NASA helicopter observes Perseverance.


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I participated NASA agency A bird’s eye view of the Perseverance rover, I took it Ingenuity helicopter It flies over the surface of Mars. In a tweet on Twitter, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) team said, “I watch with my small eyes a rover,” and shared the photo with the Perseverance in the upper left corner. It was taken during the third flight of the helicopter On April 25, it flew 16 feet 64 feet before landing again. At its peak it was moving at 6.6 feet per second, or 4.5 miles per hour. Ingenuity has so far made three flights on the red planet, and the first flight took place. Historic Monday April 19 saw the helicopter rise 10 feet. The second flight was pushed “further and further” to 16 feet, then flew 7 feet before stopping to capture three full-color images of the landscape.

For the third flight, the helicopter also covered a distance of 16 feet, moved nearly half the length of the soccer field (64 feet) and increased its air velocity to 4.5 miles per hour. During this epic flight across Mars, the helicopter took a number of pictures of the landscapes below It is very difficult to identify the rover the size of an SUV, because it appears in the upper left corner of the high-resolution image of the Martian orange / red soil. NASA has announced that it is now preparing for a fourth flight, in which each trip is planned. To be increasingly difficult to push helicopters to their limits. Flying on Mars is a particular challenge due to the fact that its atmosphere accounts for only 1% of the atmosphere at ground level, and while low gravity helps one-third of that on Earth, it represents a partial compensation Just about a thin atmosphere. This means that in order to fly, the helicopter has to be very light and rotate its blades very quickly in order to achieve lift.

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