A big rush of men for cosmetics due to Corona – site news – follow-ups


Global Shiseido Corporation, Japan’s largest and most famous company for skin and hair care products, revealed that one of its men’s makeup lines has seen double-digit growth during the pandemic.

And company officials said that the reason why men rush to buy cosmetics is that they are “forced to see their faces over and over again while attending online meetings, so they want to improve what they see.”

According to a company official, “Previously, most of our male clients were in their teens and twenties, but thanks to telecommuting, we now have more businessmen.” “Unlike many of the younger men, who want a drastic change, older businessmen want to show a slightly better version of their faces through the use of make-up,” he added.

And the manufacturing of men’s cosmetics has expanded in Japan recently.

According to research firm Fuji Keizai Group, the men’s cosmetics market grew hysterically, rising significantly from around 600 billion yen ($ 5.5 billion) in 2018 to an estimated 623 billion yen ($ 5.7 billion) in 2019.

After Shiseido released makeup filters for women to add some effect to the face during online meetings like Zoom last year, businessmen’s comments poured into its social media accounts calling for the introduction of filters for men.




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