“A big illusion” … a procedure we followed to curb Corona, then it turned out to be unhelpful


When the new Corona virus began to spread on a large scale in the world, health efforts focused a lot on sterilizing surfaces, in an effort to curb the transmission of infection, but it turned out later that this was not effective to a large extent.

According to the “New York Times” newspaper, American experts were warning, at the beginning of the spread, of the danger of surfaces, because the virus can live for several days on plastic or stainless steel.The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said at the time that if the virus was present on one of these surfaces, and someone touched it with his hand, and then touched his mouth or eyes, he would be infected.

Based on these directives, widespread sterilization campaigns were launched, whether in stores or even in the streets, while the Transportation Authority in New York City was working to sterilize subway cars, every night.

But it seems that these measures have unofficially ended and have become part of the past, this week, after the American health centers took the initiative to update their guidance on cleaning surfaces.The prestigious American Health Authority was not satisfied with this update, but said that the probability of transmission through contact with surfaces is very weak and does not exceed 1 in 10 thousand.

The director of the American Centers, Rochelle Welinsky, said that the virus that causes “Covid 19” may actually be transmitted by touching surfaces or objects carrying the infection, but what is confirmed through the data is that this possibility remains weak.

For her part, said an air viruses researcher at the Institute of Technical Sciences in Virginia, “We knew this for a long time, but people kept focusing on the surfaces and cleaning them.”

Then the researcher added, “There is no evidence that anyone ever contracted Covid-19 because it came into contact with an infected surface.”

At the beginning of the epidemic, scientists believed that the virus is spread mainly through small droplets or particles that we blow through during breathing, and since they are too heavy to travel through the air, they fall on surfaces and become a danger to those who touch them.

Later, it was found that the virus is more transmitted through air, and sterilizing door handles and surfaces does not protect much from the virus that appeared in late 2019 and then turned into a terrible pandemic.


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