7 pounds rise in gold prices during the past week


Gold prices in the local goldsmiths’ markets increased by 7 pounds during last week’s transactions, bringing the price of the 21 carat gram, the best selling in Egypt, at the end of yesterday’s transactions to 762 pounds, compared to 755 pounds at the beginning of the week’s transactions, according to Naguib Club, Secretary General of the Gold Works Division in a room. Previously commercial Cairo.

Naguib added that last week, gold prices witnessed a state of fluctuation in prices, up and down, affected by the global gold market.

According to Naguib, the price of an 18-carat gram increased to record about 653 pounds compared to 646 pounds, and the price of a 24-carat gram recorded about 871 pounds compared to 864 pounds, and the price of the gold pound rose by 56 pounds, to about 6,096 pounds.

Globally, global gold prices ended last week’s trading, declining by 0.68%, to record the price of an ounce of gold about $ 1743.8 at the end of yesterday’s trading last week’s session, according to Bloomberg Agency data.

It is worth noting that the gold exchanges are an official holiday on Saturdays and Sundays.


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