64% of UAE employees consider hybrid work a source of happiness


Emirates News, Emirates News Today: 64% of employees in the Emirates consider hybrid work a source of happiness. Source of news – Emirates News Today, with details of the news, 64% of employees in the Emirates consider hybrid work as a source of happiness:

Emirates News Today, a survey that Avaya Technology and Communications Solutions relied on revealed that 51% of employees in the UAE felt happier as a result of working from home during the last period, while 64% of the surveyed groups considered that the hybrid business model that integrates work From home, office and anywhere else, it is a factor that contributes to their happiness.

According to the results of the study, which included 10 thousand employees in 11 countries, including the UAE, and titled: “Life and Work in the Post-2020 phase,” the UAE topped the list in terms of the availability of technological readiness for employees who work remotely, with 64% saying that they have technology Necessary to work from anywhere, while this percentage reached 62% in the United States, the United Kingdom (55%), and Switzerland (54%). According to the study conducted by the research company “Davis Hickman”, the UAE was also distinguished in the part related to preference to work from anywhere, as it was recorded in the study, a high rate of “employees’ love to work from anywhere” compared to the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The study included a group of main sections, the most prominent of which are professional life and social welfare, in addition to life routines, values ​​and consumer relations with companies. In addition to the Emirates, the study included countries such as: Austria, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the Kingdom. The United States and the United States.

The results of the study also clearly reflected in its section related to the UAE, the employees’ preference for working remotely, but they also expressed, as is the case with consumers, the strength of the changes that occurred in their personal and psychological lives, their relationship with brands and the departments of the companies in which they work, in addition to other aspects. Other.

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