6 healthy rules for the pre-dawn meal to avoid thirst and hunger during fasting. Know them


With a rise in temperature during those days, in conjunction with fasting in RAMADAN month Many of us suffer from thirst and hunger, which can be overcome with simple steps during the pre-dawn meal, according to the National Nutrition Institute.

The healthy rules for the suhoor meal include:

1- Make sure to eat the pre-dawn meal near the Maghrib azan.

2- Make half of the suhoor meal fresh vegetables and fruits, in order to avoid feeling thirsty, as they provide the body with fibers and natural vitamins.

3- Eating pulses such as beans or lentils, as they help to avoid feeling hungry during fasting.

4- Reduce carbohydrates and fats in the suhoor meal.

5- Make sure to drink enough water.


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