6 gadgets to be announced at Apple’s conference today


6 gadgets to be announced at Apple's conference today

The Citizen – Translated by: Mina Allah Ashraf

The tech giant Apple (Apple) recently and surprisingly announced its annual conference, after the event was announced months ago, but after the Corona pandemic, there is no longer a need for a large organization that takes time.

The date and place of the Apple conference:

Apple’s conference is scheduled to take place today at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (8 p.m. Mecca Time) online.

6 tools expected to be announced at the Apple conference today (2)

The expected technological tools:

1- Update the iOS system

It is believed that the company will today release its future vision for the iOS operating systems of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, andIts smart watch, Apple TV, in addition to enhancing the developers’ special tools, with an explanation of how to use them to develop health, education and games applications.

2- iPad

And speculation indicates the arrival of new iPad devices, as the iPad Pro will get an update soon, and the device will likely get a small 12.9-inch LED screen that increases brightness, increases battery life and reduces the possibility of screen burnout.

There will also be a processor update, the A14X, as it will use the same technology that forms the basis of the M1 chip found in modern Macs.

IPad mini will get an update to the other, including a 8.4-inch screen, which is larger than the 7.9-inch screen used by the 2019 device, and the device will also use the famous Apple A13 Bionic processor as the iPhone 11.

6 tools expected to be announced at the Apple conference today (2)

3- Airpods

Some technology experts and those interested in news of the Apple conference said: It is possible that the company will unveil new Airpods headphones, but the matter is not certain; Because the company launched AirPods Max a short time ago.

4- AirTags tracking tool

This could be the event in which Apple finally launches the AirTags tracking tool to the world after a long wait, as the company recently launched the Find My feature, which helps find lost Apple devices, and now it has added the feature to find external tools, that is, outside of Apple products, which is what It may indicate that the feature has been linked to Apple’s Bluetooth tracker.

This tool is a device that is placed in the most lost tools of its owners, such as TV controllers or car keys and other tools, and when you lose it, the phone will send a signal via Bluetooth to AirTags so that you can find it.

6 tools expected to be announced at the Apple conference today (2)

5- iMac and Macbook are new

Others suggest the possibility of the company launching a new iMac and Macbook, as the iMac is expected to get a comprehensive design change this year, and the company will present redesigned models with much thinner and smaller edges, and it is expected that the size of one of the new iMac devices will be from 23 to 24. inch.

6- Other products

It is likely that Apple will launch an updated Apple TV with a new processor and an improved remote control, with a storage capacity of 128 GB, and maybe 256 GB, and it may also launch an Apple Pencil at the Apple conference today.

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