5 tips for using neutral colors in your home


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The truth is that our choices reflect a large aspect of our personalities and preferences in life, and when it comes to colors and decorations, they must be chosen very carefully, especially when choosing neutral colors, which are the new trends in the interior design industry for our homes, they are the old colors but in a modern shape and style, if you are planning To decorate your home in neutral colors, here are some exclusive tips that Kaveri Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of My Pooja Box, shared in a report published on pinkvilla.

What are neutral colors?
Neutral colors are a group of colors and shades that can be combined with any style or color, such as beige, white, black, cream, and ivory, and these are some neutral colors that can look beautiful when combined with other styles and colors, to give an attractive and very perfect look for the decor and walls of your home.

What are some of the best neutral colors for your living room?
The living room is one of the most used rooms in your home, hence it needs to be decorated in the most attractive way, and use neutral colors on the Walls, And can be coordinated with different colors in furniture and accessories.

if it was Living room Or living room with sunlight, cooler shades with white can be used to decorate the room, if the living room depends on the lamp, then cream, dark gray, and green can be completely neutral.

How neutral colors enhance your room space?
Neutrals like soft beige and taupe are perfect for enhancing your room, because these shades are lighter and brighter, and some other colors like dark pink, soft mint or a touch of light blue may also be appropriate, but to a slightly lesser degree.

What colors can match neutral tones?
The use of neutral colors does not mean decorating the whole house in white and gray only, but colors can be combined with other shades to create a variety of patterns, by combining accessories and textures in bold and wonderful colors. Or, add traditional home decor sculptures.

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