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The Dubai Autism Center has identified five cases that lead to confusion with autism, whose symptoms can be noticed early before the child reaches the age of three, and rarely appear after the age of five, and cases that are confused with autism, psychological problems, learning difficulties, mental retardation, and language development problems Hearing impairment.

The center pointed out that early diagnostic and therapeutic intervention contributes to reducing the negative symptoms of autism by up to 50%, considering the early intervention stage as the most burdensome, whether mentally, financially or emotionally, for the families of people with autism.

The director general of the Dubai Autism Center and a member of its board of directors, Mohammed Al-Emadi, said that a person with autism faces many challenges at every stage of his life, starting from the age of three, indicating that the post-diagnosis phase of autism constitutes a challenge to the families of the afflicted in their acceptance of this matter, which they consider a great event. He takes them on an arduous journey of searching for solutions from various sources, hoping that their son will be cured by any means to end this hard burden. He pointed out that the school enrollment phase is from three to seven years old, during which a child with autism needs behavioral therapy and learning new skills, especially if he suffers from delayed speech, so these services must be provided and covered by the health insurance, in order to avoid their later effects on The individual, his family, and society in general. Al-Emadi explained that the financial burden on the families of people with autism is large, in light of the absence of a unified system of health insurance that includes centers for people of determination, calling on insurance companies to cover the costs of these treatments, which constitute a burden on the family of an autistic child, because of their high cost, especially families with financial income. The limited availability, and the lack of adequate support for them at this early stage, causes a doubling of the cost of treatment and the financial burden on the family in the later stages, as indicated by several studies, as well as other studies confirming that early intervention contributes to reducing negative symptoms by up to 50% for autistic patients. .

He added that there are health and community bodies in the country that provide some support for this segment, but it is still insufficient, indicating that the financial burden on the family of a child with autism ranges between 100 and 300 thousand dirhams, according to the child’s needs for treatment and intervention programs, a cost comparable in numbers. Global, as the cost in Australia ranges between 30 and 60 thousand Australian dollars, and in the United States the cost ranges between 22 and 45 thousand dollars. Al-Emadi pointed out that the ideal age for early therapeutic intervention begins at the age of three years, and extends to six years, as the child at this age is distinguished by the speed of perception, the acquisition of skills, and the development of his mental, intellectual and behavioral abilities, thus achieving a healthy development of the affected child, and qualifies him to integrate into society. Compared with children after six years of delay in treatment.

Free consultation

The Director General of the Dubai Autism Center, a member of its board of directors, Mohammed Al-Emadi, stated that the center has announced the provision of free counseling sessions for children suspected of having autism, as part of the currently organized campaign to raise awareness of autism, which continues throughout this month of April, as an initiative to encourage parents to make early diagnosis and detection For autism.

3 signs of autism

The Director General of the Dubai Autism Center and a member of its board of directors, Mohammed Al-Emadi, confirmed that children with autism show many signs, including three main combined signs that may indicate that the child has autism, such as language deficiencies, deficiencies in interaction and integration, in addition to the presence of stereotypical behaviors that distinguish Autistic children.

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