428 horsepower and a luxurious sporty design .. Nissan unveils new Patrol models of the Desert Queen


Nissan unveiled its new Patrol four-wheel-drive models, with the new modified Nismo versions having remarkable exterior design modifications compared to the current Patrol models.

These cars are supposed to be powered by 5.6-liter V8 engines that generate 428 horsepower, and these engines will work with 7-speed automatic gearboxes. According to Russia today.

The new versions came with a large front grille that bears the V-motio identity, changed the interior lighting strips in the lamps, and the shapes of the bumpers changed to add distinctive red lines and additional edges to improve air flow.

These vehicles got sporty features embodied by the emergence of distinctive air vents on both sides of the front end from below, and the addition of an air wing at the back of the roof to increase stability at high speeds, and its cabin was equipped with distinctive leather seats in which the red color intertwined with the basic colors of the brushes, and additional technologies were added to it. To isolate external sounds.

The driving interface will be equipped with two screens placed on top of each other, one to control the multimedia systems and satellite navigation systems, and the other to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings via cameras and control the air-conditioning and driving systems. The front will also be decorated with leather and elements made of carbon fiber.


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