4 foods that do not start your day


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The morning is the time when the body most needs good healthy nutrition; Therefore, experts advise eating a rich and varied meal, and healthy breakfast forms vary, but some can cause low blood sugar levels and even weight gain.

And Sky News Arabia stated that there are four meals that health experts warn of and that they will not benefit the body.


Drinking only coffee in the morning may seem like a great way to easily cut calories, but after a few hours you will likely find yourself starving and be more ready for a pastry or high-carb snack with a low nutritional value.

Nutritionist Hayley Pomeroy explained: “This is terrible for losing weight, because coffee stimulates energy and mental clarity that can feel good at first but also leads to a rise in the hormone cortisol (the stress hormone).”

“Refined carbohydrates easily turn into sugar,” Pomeroy added. “It’s a disastrous breakfast recipe.”

Sugary cereals

Cereals may be a quick and easy breakfast, but they also have the potential to make you feel hungry and make you crave sugar shortly after you’ve finished eating.

Often these products contain a lot of sugar, and they also contain a lot of preservatives and additives that even healthy products may not be healthy.

They can contain a lot of highly processed ingredients and often not enough fiber.

Nutrition expert Janet Kimszal warned of grains because they usually do not contain protein, and she recommends eating oats as a healthy breakfast because it is a meal rich in long-lasting carbohydrates.

Prefabricated panels

Bar food bars, which look like chocolate bars, are often tricky meals and cannot provide you with energy for a long time, and therefore are not useful to start the day with.

Most of the widely available breakfast staples contain sugar and fats.

Personal trainer and dietitian Brandon Nicholas said that although it may provide satiety and many nutritional benefits, it also contains chemicals and GMOs that increase the risk of weight gain and higher rates of internal fat accumulation.


Pastries are a great breakfast for many, but they do not provide any protein to the body, and they are likely high in carbohydrates and sugar, making you feel hungry soon after eating.

This will in turn lead you to eating more snacks throughout the day, which makes keeping your calories in a limited range more difficult and potentially leading to weight gain.

Nutrition expert Jenna Gorham says, “Foods that are primarily sugar and are limited in nutrition are sometimes enjoyable, but ultimately they will not help you reach your health goals.”

“Sugary breakfast foods (such as sugary cereals, donuts and pastries) are usually unsaturated or satisfying, and can be very high in calories,” said Gorham.

Gorham recommends getting the right calories for the body from more nutritious sources that provide protein and healthy carbohydrates that provide lasting energy throughout the morning.
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