30 papers and 48 speakers at the International Conference on Genetic Medicine – Saudi News


Last night (Saturday) in Jeddah, the Virtual Global Conference on Genetic Medicine, organized by the Saudi Society for Genetic Medicine, in cooperation with the Princess Al-Jawhara Al-Brahim Center, was concluded in the midst of a large medical presence that contributed to the discussion of working papers aimed at raising the level of genetic health awareness in society, and to contribute to the progress movement Scientific and professional in the fields of genetic medicine. The conference came out with many recommendations that accompany the exerted efforts and stand on the causes of the increase and growth of genetic diseases in the Kingdom. And the President of the Society, Dr. Amal Al-Hashem, congratulated the success of the conference and the recommendations that the society would work to achieve in cooperation with the relevant authorities, appreciating the role of the Princess Al-Jawhara Center for Research Excellence in Genetic Diseases at King Abdulaziz University for its participation and efforts.For his part, the association’s spokesman, Dr. Zuhair Rahebini, explained that the conference witnessed on its first day a competition between doctors in presenting scientific posters and research summaries. About 30 papers were reviewed, which witnessed the victory of 3 researchers who were honored by the association, and the scientific schedule of the conference included 8 sessions during which 28 speakers spoke And speaking from inside and outside the Kingdom about the Kingdom’s experience with genetic diseases, metabolic diseases (old and new), the experience of research centers at King Abdulaziz University, new technologies for genetic diseases, in addition to the scientific approach with patients with genetic diseases in terms of diagnosis, and the scientific approach with patients with genetic diseases In terms of treatment, and complete genome sequencing in terms of diagnosis and applications, the conference also concluded with an open discussion session among the attendees.

In this context, the head of the Princess Al-Jawhara Al-Ibrahim Center, Dr. Jumana Al-Amma, emphasized the comprehensiveness of the conference sessions and the large attendance of doctors, genetic counselors, trainees, laboratory specialists working in genetic diagnostic techniques, researchers and other specialists, and noted the excellence of the speakers who represented different medical research centers from inside and outside the Kingdom, and speakers from King Faisal Specialist Hospital, hospitals affiliated with the armed forces, hospitals affiliated with the National Guard, hospitals of the Ministry of Health and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, in addition to external participants from Germany and Britain.


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