23 Saudi experts from 12 national bodies are “UNESCO executives” – Saudi News


Yesterday (Wednesday) the Kingdom participated in the work of the (211) session of the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), whose opening sessions were launched virtually at the organization’s headquarters in Paris to adopt the draft UNESCO Medium-Term Strategy 2022-2029.The Kingdom participated with a delegation of 23 experts representing 12 national bodies from the sectors of education, culture, energy, environment and technical and vocational training, in coordination with the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science headed by the Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan

In her speech delivered by the Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO Princess Haifa bint Abdulaziz Al Muqrin, the Kingdom praised the medium-term strategy 2022-2029, which included the process of sustainable international recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic within the main axes of the medium-term strategy, affirming its support for the strategic objectives that it considered consistent with Vision 2030 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In light of the Kingdom’s efforts to support education and bridge the gap caused by the Covid-19 pandemic from obstructing the educational process and preventing access to education for all, she stated that the world still needs to redouble international efforts aimed at providing education to every child and girl in the world, and the importance of strengthening multilateralism has also been addressed. To revive the cultural economy and its role in the renaissance of societies and the preservation of world heritage and intangible heritage, the importance of creating a common vision for the ethics of artificial intelligence and the need to promote aspects of gender equality, and the challenge facing societies in the whole world, whose severity was finally exacerbated by the pandemic.

The speech delivered by the Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO highlighted its efforts to combat the effects of global climate change and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz launched last month the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s initiative “Green Middle East”, which is the largest global afforestation project, praising the merging of African priority in all UNESCO programs and sectors, and the need for concerted global efforts inside and outside UNESCO to achieve the goals of the African priority.


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