“Zuckerberg” proposes an amendment to Section 230 before he is questioned before “representatives” today


Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, along with the CEO of Twitter and Google, are preparing to be held accountable to Congress for harmful content on social sites and platforms.

The CEO of Facebook submitted, before impeachment, a proposal for the government to amend Section 230, a decades-old rule that gives internet platforms comprehensive legal immunity from all published content.

Zuckerberg suggested removing the existing blanket immunity and linking liability to best practices offered by companies in combating questionable content.

“Platforms should be required to demonstrate that they have systems in place to identify and remove illegal content,” Zuckerberg said. “Platforms should not be held responsible if some part of the harmful content is not discovered, as this would be impractical for platforms that contain billions of posts per day, but they should They are required to have appropriate systems in place to deal with illegal content, ”he said, adding that the definition of“ appropriate system ”could be proportional to the size of the platform and set by a third party.

He also said that Congress should demand more transparency, accountability, and oversight over how companies set and enforce rules on harmful but legal content .. “Although this approach will not provide a clear answer about where to chart the path in difficult questions about harmful content, it is. It would improve confidence and accountability in systems and address concerns about process ambiguity and corporate decision-making. ”

Zuckerberg had called for federal changes to Section 230 but without much explanation.

And join “Zuckerberg” today, “Jack Dorsey”, CEO of “Twitter”, and “Sundar Pichai”, president of “Alphabet” company affiliated to “” Google “, to testify in a joint hearing before members of two subcommittees of the Board Committee Representatives of Energy and Trade.


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