Zafer El Abidine is in the experience of production and film directing


The Tunisian actor Zafer El Abidine has entered the world of screenwriting and cinematography, where he has his first experience in this field with the film “Ghadwa”, and it is expected to start filming soon after finishing writing and selecting the characters.

During a press conference held on Friday in the capital Tunis, Al-Abidine confirmed that he is the author of writing and directing, and that the idea is mainly for him in addition to his participation as a main actor, as the work will be Tunisian about an experience he said he felt and wanted to embody on the ground, as he put it.

The character of Zafer appears in the film in the image of a father named “Habib” and his son “Ahmed” will be next to him. However, the Tunisian star did not want to delve into the details, “in order to preserve the secrecy of the scenario until the filming is completed,” according to him, noting that several well-known names of the resident actors In Tunisia they will be present in this work.

Zafer Al-Abidine confirmed that he will not be present this year in the Arab drama race because he will be busy filming his work, which he chose to produce himself out of conviction, and said that he chose the title of the film after deep thinking, considering that the word “ghadwa” has a close connection with the dialect of Tunisians and their daily life.

It is expected that the filming process will start on Saturday in a number of neighborhoods of the capital, including the old city and Habib Bourguiba Street, the main street in the Tunisian capital. Zafer Al-Abidine indicated that the presence of the film producer Dora Bouchoucha helped him a lot, considering that he was “lucky” to have her next to him.

It is noteworthy that Zafer Al-Abidine recently finished filming his role in the movie “The Spider” alongside Ahmed Al-Sakka, Mona Zaki and Yosra Al-Lawzi.


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