Zafer El Abidine in Tunisia .. What is the reason?


After finishing filming the series “The Bride of Beirut” in its second part, Tunisian actor Zafer El Abidine decided to embark on a new, different experience.

A few weeks ago, Zafer El Abidine came to Tunisia to prepare for a new filming

And various. In the coming days, Al-Abidin will begin filming a new film produced and directed by him. The Tunisian newspaper Al-Sabah said that the filming process will start next Saturday. Zafer Al-Abidine had stated in a television interview that he intended to direct a film of his own production.

In addition to directing and producing, the Tunisian actor will co-write the script, as well as an English screenwriter. In addition to writing and directing, Zafir El Abidine will have a role in this film, which he will produce with his own money.

This is the first career move for Zafir al-Abidine after the death of his mother, last January.

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