Zafer El Abidine .. From acting to directing, and these details


Tunisian actor revealedZafer Al-AbidinOn his entry into the world of directing through the feature film “Ghadwa”, during a press conference held on Friday 5 March at the Center for Contemporary Arts 32BIS in the Tunisian capital, noting that the work was starring in it.
“The directing was always a dream, but I was waiting for the appropriate project. Ghadwa is a story very close to my heart, and I feel it strongly. It is a Tunisian story, but the social and humanitarian aspects it entails will make many people interact with it,” said Zafer El Abidine.
As for the producer, Dora Bouchoucha, she said: “ScenarioRevelation movieHe attracted me, although I usually choose my projects on the basis of the idea before starting to write the script and implement the film, and I would like to emphasize my admiration for Zafer Al-Abidin’s writing the script, as I discovered his ability to write films for many years, and I am happy for our cooperation on the film Ghadwa.
As for the events of the film, it tells the details of the reunion of Habib and his son Ahmed due to the father’s deteriorating health condition. Sudden events ignite a state of tension, as the father and son exchange their seats, and they get involved in a situation for which they were not prepared.
Zafer Al-Abidin will co-star in the film Najla bin Abdullah, Al-Bahri Al-Rahali, Ghanem Al-Zarli, Rabab Al-Sarairi, and Ahmed Barhouma.


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