Youssef Shaaban and his wife Iman Al-Shariaan in a rare photo that attracts the admiration of the public


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Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan published a rare photo of the late artist Youssef Shaaban Accompanied by his Kuwaiti wife Iman Shariaan Which attracted the attention of many followers on social networking sites.

A rare photo of Youssef Shaaban and his wife

Many observers commented on the rare appearance of Iman al-Sharia’s wife, who preferred to stay out of the limelight, and many admired her beauty.

Iman Al-Shariaan is considered the fourth wife of the artist Youssef Shaaban, after his separation from his wife, the artist, Siham Fathy. Yusef Shaaban gave birth to his daughter Zainab and son Murad from Iman al-Sharia.

Youssef Shaaban and his wife Iman Al-Shariaan in a rare photo that attracts the admiration of the public

Iman Al-Shariaan, a Kuwaiti, married Youssef Shaaban when she was twenty years old after meeting them at a party in Kuwait.

There are also not many images that combine the artist Youssef Shaaban and his wife Iman Al-Shariaan She appeared with him after several years of marriage during the wedding of Fifi Abdo’s daughter, but she made sure to stay out of the limelight completely.

Youssef Shaaban did not get the title of Dingwan cinema, although he enjoyed the elegance and charm that gave him another kind of charm and charm. We find that his personal and family life was different as he was associated with 4 women, each of whom had a distinct personality, history and family completely far from the other and only combines them Marriage to Youssef Shaaban Especially since the lives of his children, especially males, have been completely out of the limelight.

The wives of the artist Youssef Shaaban

Youssef Shaaban get to know the artist Laila Taher During the work on the play The Land of Hypocrisy, and his love for her while he was on stage, the marriage took place shortly thereafter, specifically in 1966, and this marriage lasted for 4 years, during which the divorce took place 3 times, and the last separation was the final between them.

The second marriage in the life of Youssef Shaaban was 36 years old to Princess Nadia, and his pictures were with her on magazine covers, her full name is Nadia Ismail Sherine, and she is the daughter of Princess Fawzia, the sister of King Farouk. Princess Nadia was born in 1950. Shaaban quickly fell in love to ask her to marry after that, when she was 21 years old.

The third marriage in Youssef Shaaban’s life was the most mysterious, so do you remember the actress Siham Fathi, partner of the star Faten Hamama in the movie The Open Door, who has progressive ideas, and she is precisely Youssef Shaaban’s third wife, and there is not much information about this marriage and there is no single picture that combines them.


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