Youssef Al-Khal demands an apology to Ragheb Alama


The Lebanese actor Youssef Al-Khal considered that everyone who blamed the Lebanese singer Ragheb-Alama for his previous song “Flying Al Balad” owes him an apology, hinting at the sincerity of the song’s words and their compatibility with the difficult events that Lebanon is witnessing.

Al-Khal wrote through his account: “Everyone who blamed Ragheb Alama fiercely at that time for a song that flew the country … he owes him an apology.”

A large number of followers supported Al-Khal’s opinion, agreeing with the lyrics of Ragheb Alama’s song that he had really flown in the country.

Ragheb always used to cruelly attack ungodly rulers, insult them and pray to God to punish them the way they deserve.

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Ragheb is not politically frightened and does not compliment and criticize everyone, without exception.

He does not belong to any Lebanese party and does not support any political figure whatsoever.

Ragheb is in great pain because his two sons decided to leave Lebanon in order to make their future, and this is why he takes revenge on all the rulers, as most of the Lebanese who were deprived of their most basic rights!


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