Yasmine Sabry raises controversy with a strange gift she received on Mother’s Day


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Brought up Yasmine Sabry A case of controversy across various social media platforms after reviewing a gift she received in mother’s Day Her followers described her as strange. Where the Egyptian star published a video clip revealing a gift that raised questions about her sender.

And the artist Yasmine Sabry published in the short stories feature, through her personal account on the photo-sharing application, Instagram video clip of a gift she received from an unknown person that contained a set of personal photos of her that she collects with her cat, along with other photos in which her cat appeared alone, and attached to the gift the phrase : “We love we love you Mama, you are the most beautiful or the most beautiful.”

The gift presented by Yasmine Sabry raised questions about her correspondent, and as soon as it was posted to the video, a number of users of social networking applications exchanged it, comments that differed between comments raised questions about the sender and others dominated by sarcastic words, including: “It is not possible that the cats also kept following Jasmine’s gifts Sabri, “Even the cats spoke it,” “Oh, be aware that you were the one who sold it to yourself, Yasmin.”

Yasmine Sabry raises controversy with a strange gift she received on Mother's Day

While some questioned about the person who sent the gift that the followers described as strange, others considered that it might be from her brother, given that she contained him all the time and was with her as if he was his mother.

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Sabry is keen to share with her followers spontaneous clips that she collects with her cat, or video clips that show the Egyptian actress’s cats while playing at home or sitting next to her while doing exercise.

Yasmine Sabry 2021

Yasmine Sabry was absent from Drama Ramadan 2021 For this year, after starring in the Ramadan series, another opportunity to raise questions about the reasons for her absence, as some attributed this to her husband and that whoever asked her to do so, so the businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, would reply: “We got married and she was a serial worker, God willing. Other fine works, God willing, will be presented.

Yasmine Sabry gifts

Yasmine Sabry always raises controversy with the gifts she receives, whether from her husband or from the big companies that work for her. Yasmine Sabry By one of the rarest pieces JewelryIn the world, to be the third woman around the world to wear a rare diamond necklace after the international star Monica Bellucci, Where the contract bears a distinctive and very rare design, after being chosen as the ambassador for Cartier’s latest campaigns in the Panthere de Cartier region.

The rare decade was difficult in 1975 in the form of two huge crocodiles around the neck with a black look and hair raised back in order not to cover the attractive appearance of the necklace and I relied on a delicate makeup that was dominated by pink color, whether for eye shadow or lipstick, in order to keep one piece prominent in this look It is a rare and fascinating decade.

Yasmine Sabry raises controversy with a strange gift she received on Mother's Day

As soon as Yasmine Sabry appeared in the precious contract, some thought it was a gift from her husband, and about his gifting her the most expensive necklace in the world, Abu Hashima said: “Yasmine received the controversial contract as a gift from the sponsoring company, as she represents a number of international brands and she is the only Arab and Egyptian artist to have this status. It was before our marriage. ”


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