Yasmine Sabry puts Laila Elwi and Elham Shaheen in an embarrassing situation at the wedding of Sisi’s niece


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Once again, the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry and her husband, the well-known businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, sparked a wide controversy on social media, after their appearance at the wedding of the niece of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the nephew of Minister of Justice Omar Marwan.

Shake hands and ignore
The videos that were circulated for the ceremony showed the Egyptian artist and her husband shaking hands with the bride Kholoud Al-Zamili, and the geological groom Ahmed Baghdadi, and the audience was surprised that Yasmine and her husband ignored the artist Laila Elwi, and the artist Ilham Shaheen completely during the ceremony, as they were next to the newlyweds for a moment when Yasmine and Abu Hashima blessed them, but they were as It appeared in the video that they completely ignored them, which surprised the audience.

It is worth noting that the wedding of the president’s niece and nephew of the Minister of Justice was held in a Cairo hotel, and it was hosted by the artist Tamer Hosni, and was attended by a large number of artists and celebrities.


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