Witness: Rashwan Tawfiq, on the authority of his deceased wife, “She lives with me and talks to her at home”


The artist Rashwan Tawfiq revealed his great love for his late wife, who struggled with him, and never asked him about the next day, and to this day she lives with him and talks to her at home day and night.Tawfiq explained that fate played a big role in his admiration for his late wife, whose sister was a neighbor to them, when he was performing on the university theater Shahryar play, he obtained tickets to attend the play, and he sent it to his late wife’s sister, and she was present by chance, and after attempts to persuade her, his late wife agreed to He attended the play, and she attended, but she did not go into the scenes with him, and circumstances would like his niece to transfer to him from his mother a conversation that took place between her and his late wife and older sister, according to (her).

He said: “Her older sister said:“ I will not get married to someone I struggle with, and after I struggle with him he loves the secretary and no other one. “.

He added, “His late wife did not say a word to him I love you, but what you are doing from his point of view does not need to be said, and a week or ten days before she moved to the mercy of God, and while watching a scene of the artist Shwikar in the play My Beautiful Lady, he said to his late wife:” I tell you that I love you 62 years, and I said, “I love you all my life,” and it was the first time.

Rashwan Tawfiq said: “I had to eat it with my hands.

Rashwan Tawfiq narrated that one of his friends, who is a very famous lawyer, noticed that they were in the quarrels, saying to her, “My love,” and telling him, “Oh my love.”


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