What is the truth behind the video circulating about a looting by force of arms in Zalka?


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication:
On 28-2-2021, video clips were circulated on social media, in which it was alleged that an armed robbery took place in the Zalka district, which was carried out by unknown persons in a white car.
Immediately, the necessary orders were given and the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces began its procedures to uncover the circumstances of the matter, knowing that no complaint had been received about anyone being subjected to robbery in the aforementioned area.
As a result of the follow-up, the number of the suspected car was identified, and it was found that it was a “Hyundai Solaris” white color. The identity of the people who were on board was revealed, on the above-mentioned date, who work in a restaurant in the area, and they are:
– i. a. P. (Born in 1999, Lebanese)
– p. P. (Born in 2001, Syrian)
– M. P. (Born in 1989, Syrian)
– p. C. (Born in 1997, Lebanese)
On 1-3-2021, as a result of monitoring and surveillance operations, a force from the Division arrested three of them, and also raided the fourth’s house, but did not find it – as it was hidden from view, and was later arrested in the north by a patrol of the Lebanese Army Intelligence – and seized a rifle in his house Plastic Kalashnikov.
During the interrogation of the three detainees, they confessed that it was midnight 28 / 27-2-2021, and while they were wandering on board the aforementioned car, driven by (IG), a dispute arose over a traffic preference between them and the driver of a “black Jaguar” car – an unknown He kissed them – then the aforementioned AJ then proceeded to overtake the “Jaguar” car and pointed the plastic rifle in the face of the “Jaguar” driver, who fled the scene.
As a result of the investigations and the analysis of the video clips that documented the incident, it was revealed that there was no attempted looting.
The legal requirement was taken against the detainees, based on the indication of the competent judiciary.
The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces calls on citizens not to circulate such videos and news that cause fear in the souls, and asks them to verify the authenticity of any news before it is published or circulated.


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