What do you know about cognitive security, which some consider the “most dangerous” threat to humanity in the current era?


The biggest security threat threatening humanity in the current era

Terms like national security or cybersecurity are commonplace today, but what about cognitive security? It is the security that, if societies lose, they will find themselves struggling to address some of the most disturbing crises of the twenty-first century, from pandemics to climate change.

With the spread of the Corona epidemic, there is something that has become so clear that it is impossible to overlook it, and that is that it is extremely difficult to reach a state of security cooperation and coordination in the behavior of an entire society, even in matters that are considered a life or death issue.

A closer look at the general response and different people’s attitudes regarding vaccines against the virus that causes the Corona epidemic, explains the above. For the world to overcome this virus, most people must agree to receive the vaccine, bearing in mind that only a few democratic governments would resort to making it mandatory.

However, there is still considerable hesitation about vaccines around the world. If the numbers of refusers to receive the vaccine are large enough, this means that there is a risk that one of the most promising ways to get rid of the epidemic will fail, as their refusal will affect everyone, even the people who got the vaccine.


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