“Welat” between Barja and Jiyeh … a major problem between a number of protesters and supporters of “Hezbollah”


The main street in the Jiyeh area witnessed problems between a number of Barja residents on one side, and young men from the town of Jiyeh on the other side.

According to the information, the problem occurred between some young men of Barja who were blocking the road and a number of people in Jiyeh who were said to be supporters of “Hezbollah.”

Lebanon 24 learned that young men from Burja broke down a café in the Jiyeh area to protest that one of them was stabbed in the hand by young men in Jiyeh, against the backdrop of blocking the coastal road.

According to the sources, contacts are currently intensifying between the activities of the region to cordon off the tails of the forms between the two areas, while the security forces opened an investigation into the incident.

In addition, the municipality of Jiyeh announced, in a statement, that “what happened on the marine road is tantamount to individual problems among a number of young men, as some tried to cut the old highway in the middle of the Jiyeh, so the municipality police, dignitaries and army forces intervened, and the matter was addressed and the situation returned to His nature, and the solution of the forms transient lovingly. “

The municipality wished the media not to exaggerate the issue, noting that it is “an individual act, and it cannot affect the unity formula that characterizes the Jiyeh and the region.”

The municipality concluded its statement by affirming that “all those affected by the problem are children of the army.”


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