Ways to charge gems for Free Fire 2021


The methods of charging the jewels of Free Fire 2021 that occupy the minds of many fans of electronic games and the Free Fire game has gained great popularity within the survival games where players descend on a battlefield and the competition and fighting continues to escape death, and many of those who want to buy jewelry and the game that can be used to obtain On clothes or weapons for fraud and fraud from the various sites that promote the sale of these jewelry for free, and we will discuss how to obtain the gems in a legal way during the following lines.

Ways to charge gems for Free Fire 2021 The correct and recognized way to charge the jewels of the famous Free Fire game is to charge it through the use of credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or by using the Google Play card, which is purchased from many places in exchange for buying some products or performing some instructions, and it is obtained Points on the card that are used to charge the game gems after entering them, and this is done by:

Recharge the jewels of the Free Fire game through Google Play balance

In some countries, such as Morocco, it is possible to recharge the person’s balance on Google Play through communication networks, whether inwi or Maroc Telecom, and then use it to buy game gems by following the following steps:

  • Use the personal phone to access the private account on the Play Store.
  • Choose the payment method from the side menu payment method.
  • Then click on utiliser la facturation maroc for devices that are set to French.
  • Add payment through Maroc Telecom or Inwi via Google Play.
  • Recharge the balance through offers * 9 by dialing the number 555, then clicking on the number 1, then entering the recharge card code, after which the code * 9 to recharge the balance.
  • Go to the game to buy gems through it by clicking on the box designated to ship the jewels and specify the number of jewels to be purchased.

How to charge Diamond Free Fire with Google Play card

Players of the free fire electronic game can purchase the diamonds necessary to purchase weapons and the items needed to advance in the game by using the Google Play card, which is a code or coupon obtained from some websites after performing some operations or instructions or watching some videos in which the person gets a set Points from these sites are redeemed for a Google Play card, and they can also be obtained after making some purchases through various online stores, and the value of the Google Play card ranges between ten to fifty dollars, which are used to buy the gems of the famous game Free Fire after logging in.

Free Fire game

This game is considered one of the most popular electronic fighting games, as it has exceeded half a million download rates, and it is one of the fighting games in which the competition is held to survive until the end of the game, where it is played by fifty parties who are brought down on the battlefield, which is an isolated island devoid of people to fight in. Players face many obstacles that are overcome with weapons and building forts, by using the game’s jewelry to buy clothes and weapons from the game’s editor, and players can play with friends within the game.

Thus, we have presented the methods of charging the 2021 Free Fire jewels in a legitimate and proper manner, whether by recharging the balance of Google Play or purchasing with Google Play cards, and we have also touched on explaining a simple brief about the game.

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