Watch the Al-Shabab and Qadisiyah match broadcast live today 3/5 in the Saudi League


Al-Shabab will continue its difficult journey towards winning the Saudi League title when it meets his counterpart Al-Qadisiyah today in a decisive and important match for the two teams, which will be held under the lights of Prince Khaled bin Sultan Stadium, the stronghold of Al-Leoth, and the match will be played for the twenty-second round matches of the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Professional League Cup competitions .

it will be Watch the youth game Al-Qadisiyah is broadcast live today on KSA Sports HD4 with the voice of commentator Issa Al-Harbain, and Koura Day will add a video of the live broadcast of today’s youth match against Al-Qadisiyah, which will be held this Friday evening at 6:35 pm Mecca time.

Kora Day provides the link between Al-Shabab and Al-Qadisiyah, a live broadcast today, in order to keep a constant follow-up of the events of this strong confrontation in the Saudi League.

Al-Shabab and Al-Qadisiyah match broadcast live

The youth team is progressing well towards winning the Saudi Professional League title for this season, and its last successful round was the last match that was decided in its favor with two goals to one goal at the expense of Damak team, thus achieving 13 victories and a draw in 5 matches, and was defeated in only 3 matches in 21 Tour fought until the moment.

Today’s Al-Leoth battalion seeks to widen the difference between it and Al-Hilal and the runners-up of the table by a full five-point difference, and Al-Shabab will enter the match today, relying on the team’s professionals represented in his strong offensive line led by Fabio Martinez, Odeon Igalo and Christian Joanca.

While Al-Qadisiyah is preparing with great focus on this most important confrontation during his long career in the league, because winning and collecting the three points today will jump him four full places towards fifth place, there is no escape but to win after the heavy defeat he received from Al-Ittihad by four goals against one goal in the last round, Today, he has the greatest opportunity to compete fiercely to enter the Golden Square.

The history of the confrontations between them is biased in favor of Al-Shabab, who were able to win 9 out of 15 matches, while Al-Qadisiyah won 3 matches and tied 3 others.

The youth squad in front of Al-Qadisiyah: Zaid Al-Bawardi – Muhammad Salem – Hassan Timbekti – Ahmed Sharahili – Muteb Al-Harbi – Ndiaye – Hussein Al-Qahtani – Banega – Joanka – Fabio Martinez – Ighalo.


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