Watch .. Specifications of smart glasses “Apple Glass”


The latest patent from “Apple” showed that the “Apple Glass” smart glasses will use an array of microphones to track sounds to their locations, while another patent indicates an automatic cleaning feature.

According to the “Guizcia” newspaper on technological innovations, the patent photos show that the front of the “Apple Glass” glasses will contain a group of microphones, which detect sounds from different directions to determine the location of the source.

As for the self-cleaning feature, the patent indicates that Apple Glass will clean its lenses, using mechanical vibration to remove dust from the lens surface to avoid damage to vision, display, and lens wear over time.

And the leaks indicate that “Apple” is preparing to enter the “Apple Glass” test phase within 6 to 9 months, and in the meantime, manufacturers will focus on improving the weight of the glasses and battery life.

It is noteworthy that experts expect that “Apple Glass” will be more important than “iPhone”, because it will include many capabilities of the phone without the need to remove the device from the user’s pocket or touch it.


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