Watch .. Lujain and Aseel Omran talk for the first time about the effect of envy on their lives


Follow-up: Raneem Raafat Al Hoshi

Media participated by Jane Omran. Her audience and followers via “Instagram”. In a video clip of her sister, the star Aseel, as she talks about the impact of envy on the lives of the two sisters.

Loujain commented on the clip in which her sister appears as a guest on the “B My Guest” program with the journalist Bilal Al-Arabi, “Every person among us with his life is like this kind of harmful people. And the one who appointed her in your livelihood and life and all her concerns is how it takes from you and exploits you for the last breath. For me, the solution is very simple and I learned it from Aseel, which is an out of my life card.

The Saudi artist said: “In ill people who used to drain our energy, they were envy and their eyes on everything.”

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