Watch: How envy affected Aseel Omran


The Saudi media, Loujain Omran, re-posted a video clip from an interview with her sister Aseel, in which she talked about the impact of the Corona crisis on her.Loujain commented on the clip, saying: “Every person among us with his life is like this kind of harmful people and who has the same in your livelihood and your life and all her concerns are how it takes from you and exploits you for the last breath .. For me the solution is very simple and I learned it from Asil as an exit card from my life,” according to (her).

The Saudi artist talked about some spiteful people and the influence of the eye in her life, and she said: “In people who were emotionally draining our energy, they were envy and their eyes on everything. Jinx. “She described herself as a personality that tends to be somewhat introverted, and prefers to be close to her family and limited friends.

She indicated that this year was special for her, because she became closer to herself, lived her life away from tension, and that she reconsidered her accounts during the quarantine in some matters, at the professional or personal level.


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