(Watch) Epic Games buys Fall Guys Mediatonic studio


Epic Games Group has bought Tonic Games Group, the parent company of Studio Fall Guys Mediatonic, The group also includes publisher Iriform Corporation and another studio, Fortitude Games.

Paul Croft, Tonic Games Group co-founder and chief gaming officer, said in a statement: “Together with a shared vision among our teams, we see tremendous potential in merging forces with EpicWhether it is about making our games the best they can be, or enabling other game developers to transfer their own content

From the core of an idea to commercial success, we know that together we will reach greater heights. ”

According to Epic, The Fall Guys are unchanging, the company plans to continue investing in the successful battle royale game, the game is currently available on PlayStation 4, PS5 and Steam, Fall Guys will land on Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer, presumably after

This deal is to hit the Epic Games Store in the future as well.

In a blog, Mediatonic said it hopes to bring some features Fortnite And Rocket League to Fall Guys, that includes calculation systems, cross-play, and squad modes versus team, unlike these other two games, Fall Guys isn’t going to play for free, at least not for now. Fall Guys actually uses the same anti-cheat software as Fortnite.

This news comes on the same day that the Fall Guys earned five award nominations BAFTA Games, Mediatonic recently revealed a futuristic theme for the game’s upcoming fourth season.


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